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[[After having a very filling dinner of three large bowls of crocolisk stew, the following is written at a table within the Menethil Harbor's tavern. The entry, unsurprisingly, has been written in code – like much of the other ones before it.]]


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[[The entry is written in code, but even then it seems to be rather sprawling and filled with crossed-out lines and corrections.]]

This is probably the first time in a long while that I have bothered to write this way... But this is something I cannot chance having viewed by other eyes.

I have been increasingly careless on where I leave my journal and I know that Aren is suspicious about its contents. But...he just cannot read it. Not yet, at least.


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Sooo, in the wake of Forumgate 2010 (AKA: Real ID), I noticed I forgot to put up the second half of the RP log I was working on. Whoops. So, here it is.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Hi guys. Just to help give a little bit of context to what happened between Aren and Nath, here's the first part of the RP log that lead up to the events described in Natharai's and Arenvald's last journal entries. The flow isn't perfect because it's a slightly prettied up log, but if I wanted to completely fix it I'd have to rewrite. Everything. So, that being said, here it is.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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Natharai's Journal - Entry #24: Regrets

((Cross-posted from http://wyrmrestaccord.net/content/natharais-journal-entry-24-regrets-pg-13-language))

[[This entry is actually not a proper entry at all, but written on a sheet of looseleaf found in a drawer of an Ironforge inn. The script is sloppy and rather seething in nature.]]


I had to get away.

I couldn't stay home knowing the shit that I do and I sure as hell couldn't look at that fucking dog in the face anymore.

So I left. Left and went to Stormwind, originally, but too many things reminded me of him there so now here I am.



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A Letter to Charlotte IV

Dearest Charlotte,

It has been some time, to say the least...

I am sorry that I have not had the presence of mind to tend to your grave as I said I would at the beginning of the spring thaw. My life has been...tumultuous and I have found myself preoccupied with the madness that has taken root in my life like choking creeper vines.

And it is only becoming worse. I am slipping.

I murdered someone, Lotte. In cold blood. Even though it was a loathsome inhuman 'Murkblood', it did not need to have its life taken in such a way. It was doing me no harm and it simply made the mistake of being at the wrong place at the wrong time... I was hurting. I lost my grasp upon my sense of self.

I regressed.

And in that moment I found myself slowly torturing that wretched creature to death... I did whatever I could to prolong the agony it felt, to stoke the fires that fueled its terror. I ripped, broke, teared, and light-damned bit pieces off of it little by little and drank in its fear, and its life force, like a fine wine. It screamed and begged in broken Draenei and yet I only continued...

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OOC Survey Answered IC-ly!

((OOC NOTES: Many of these questions Nath would never, ever, answer. So, I did the only feasible thing in-character to help grease the wheels. Liquor.))

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A Letter to Charlotte III

Dearest Charlotte,

It has been fifty-eight days since my last letter to you, which is, given how events have been progressing as of late, a relatively short time ago I suppose. Yet so much has happened in my life... Many events which have been absolutely wonderful and others that have rocked me to my core. It is...shamelessly dramatic to put the latter in such a way, however I do not feel that 'I had a lot of bad days' do it justice. I am sure you understand...

Light... Where to start?

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[The entry is written in code.]

Being I am writing this entry in hostile territory, I felt it best to write in this manner. Though where to start... Well.

As of this past Thursday, I have been promoted. I am no longer the head of my department, but an overseer like Lazaar. This is rather fantastic news, really, but I cannot help but dread what this means for me.

Things have already changed drastically. People look at me differently and, already, my peers no longer treat me the same as they once have. Though I suppose that is not entirely surprising... When I was a Capo, I was their equal and, thusly, they felt more comfortable around me since I was one of their brothers-in-arms, so to speak.

Though last night, Miles asked permission to leave after a conversation took a rather sour turn. Truly. Permission. If he was so bent on leaving, I would have let him slink away without a thought. Light... While it might have seemed like an innocuous thing to any other and I would expect such behavior from my subordinates, but from him...? I owe Miles so much and I have confided things in him that I have not told any other–Even Aren. While I am aware that I am now a tier above my former Capo brethren, I cannot even imagine them requesting such a thing from me.

I suppose this comes with the territory, though... Kamil or not. I am no longer a co-worker with my peers, but one of their superiors. Things will, likely, never be the same between us ever again.


I wi


Current Issues

• "Ice Milk" - Thus far, this concoction has been a wild goosechase. Thanks to Diyanu, I have been able to procure a high shaman's talisman. If I manage to make a suitable disguise to pass myself off as a Drakari shaman, I should be able to sneak into one of their gardens and take a thornroot sample. However, this will have to wait...

• Diyanu's "Friend" - This is why I cannot go to Zul'drak right away. I am, once again, playing babysitter. Light, I wonder if it is all I ever do, nowadays... Regardless, the boy is severely corrupted and close to becoming one of the Wretched. I have no idea if there is anyway to reverse it, but it might be possible to try and bring him back from the precipice. Start him off with refined felweed infusions to his food, that should give him the 'fix' he needs. Once he is well enough, I will move him to Booty Bay.

• Merosiel - Light blasted fool of an elf... I know he means well, but he is proving to be a constant thorn in my side. Now, he has apparently gone missing.

• Dorien - I need to continue testing on Mydral's 'two states'. Ask Dorien for his list of questions sometime this week. However, allow him to recover after exposing him to the energies in Eldre'thalas before calling upon the bond again.

• Campion's Felguard problem - I am, regretfully, late on this... Too much has got in the way and I have not made the deadline I promised. He will, hopefully, wait until tomorrow for this item. I cannot leave Brill at this moment in time...

• Eldre'thalas - Finish making travel arrangements.

• Solidify Transition Plans - Speak with Yeva and the other Capos about how to handle my leaving the Research department.

• VACATION - You need one.

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